Bringing Hope to Children

Through Amal For Children (Amal means hope in Arabic) we aspire to bring hope and empowerment to children impacted by traumatic events and toxic stress, through our innovative media projects.


Amal For Children is (AFC) is an entertaining and hope-filled children’s media project, designed to help vulnerable children, impacted by traumatic events and toxic stress, by equipping them with effective coping skills and strategies, awareness, and resilience. This project integrates animation and storytelling with evidence-based therapy modalities that have been proven effective in decreasing the intensity and frequency of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety in children. Amal for Children is produced by Digitales.

Clinical Approach

The therapy modality adopted in this programme, includes principles and practices from evidence-based therapies including the children’s version of Narrative Exposure Therapy (KidNET) and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and it draws from family systems and pain management theories. These therapy modalities have been proven to be effective in decreasing the intensity of symptoms of PTSD and toxic stress in children.

Languages and Adaptation

Currently the animated series ‘The Map, the Compass, and the Anchor’, which is based on the film “Saleem”, is in Arabic and English. The accompanying resources are in Arabic and English. Creating the series in other languages is in the pipeline, as we believe that the universal themes of this story make it relevant and meaningful to children anywhere.
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A Qualitative Analysis of the Relevance and Impact of Amal Episode 1 & 2 and Book 1: Perceptions of Refugee Children and their Caregivers in Iraq and Egypt.


use Amal For Children?

Amal For Children, comprising an animated series and complementary MHPSS resources, was designed to guide children on a journey of wellness through awareness and empowerment. Through the lessons, children acquire valuable skills to navigate trauma and progress toward recovery, with Saleem’s narrative providing a universal window into the lives of countless children.
Furthermore, the programme broadens its impact by equipping mental health providers with resources and a curriculum. These resources equip care providers with the essential tools to effectively engage with children impacted by trauma, fostering a deeper understanding, enhanced skills, and increased empathy towards their struggles. Amal For Children seamlessly integrates an engaging animated series with supportive resources, offering a holistic approach to healing and support for both young viewers and mental health providers.


use Amal For Children?

This series may be used in individual or group sessions. Whether the care provider is already implementing a psychosocial support programme, or starting with this animation series, Amal For Children is a great resource for opening conversations and practising techniques and exercises, using the story of Saleem and his friends as an example. Amal For Children includes the following:

  • A 9-episode 3D animation series.
  • A 10-lesson step-by-step group curriculum guide for care providers working with children.
  • Clinical guides.
  • Skill-builder live-action videos.
  • Activity sheets for children.


use Amal For Children?

Amal For Children is suitable for use by humanitarian organisations and NGO’s, schools, children’s centres, government programmes, faith-based organisations, and organisations serving refugees. This programme is suitable for children between the ages of 8 and 14.

Amal For Children brings hope to traumatised children under your care.